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Premises Liabililty Case

When it’s time to settle your premises liability case, Jon Ostroff will give the insurance company 30 days to make things right or Ostroff Injury Law will fight. This means the insurance company doesn’t have to wonder whether you’ll really fight. By suing them within 30 days, you’ve already thrown the first punch!

Common dangers that lead to premises liability lawsuits

For the past 25 years, Jon Ostroff has been representing people who have been hurt by:
Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Attorney

  • poorly maintained, uneven sidewalk
  • holes in the ground
  • poor lighting near common walkways or stairs
  • items left on floor that cause a trip danger
  • slippery floors because of dangerous, slippery surface (tile, ceramic, wood)
  • slippery floors due to substance on floor
  • ice that is not removed or salted in a reasonable period of time
  • furniture collapse
  • steps that are uneven, without a hand railing, too steep, unstable, too slippery, or in disrepair

If you were injured by one of these common dangers, Jon has the experience with this type of case to help you. Call Ostroff Injury Law at (800) 688-6489, so Jon can take the steps to protect your claim.

When the insurance company finds out that Jon Ostroff is representing you then the insurance company will know that you mean business. Jon and his firm will find the evidence they need to prove that a dangerous condition hurt you or a family member. Jon will use this evidence to recover money for pain and suffering, out-of-pocket medical bills, lost income, and other out-of-pocket expenses related to your trip and fall accident and injuries. And, if the evidence is simply not there and you are not eligible for a financial recovery then Jon will pay the investigation costs.

For more than 25 years, Jon Ostroff has been representing adults and children across Pennsylvania who have been injured when they fell on another person’s property. Call Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer Jon Ostroff today at (800) 688-6489. Tell him what happened to you and let him help you get started with your recovery.

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