Pennsauken Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As a motorcyclist, you have the same rights on the road as everyone driving a motor vehicle, including the right to be given a safe amount of space and respect by people driving close to you. As almost every motorcyclist knows, though, there’s no shortage of car, truck, and SUV drivers who’ll be anything but respectful around you and your motorcycle. That lack of respect sometimes leads to crashes with devastating consequences.

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle wreck that was not your fault, you may be able to seek payments from the person who was at fault with help from a Pennsauken motorcycle accident lawyer. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys have years of experience fighting and winning on behalf of people like you. Once hired, we’ll put all of our knowledge and experience toward getting you paid fairly for your losses. Following a recent motorcycle collision, our team swiftly secured $250,000 in compensation for our client, who suffered a broken leg, broken ribs, and a lung injury.

When Can You Sue Over a Motorcycle Crash?

Suppose you get hurt in a traffic crash while driving a normal commuter car in New Jersey. In that case, your right to file suit against the person responsible may be limited depending on your car insurance coverage. Unfortunately, the “limited right to sue” restrictions that some insurance policies have also apply to motorcyclists in addition to commuter car drivers, so you’ll need to discuss with your lawyer what the best path towards recovery would be for your specific situation.

If you have the right to file suit over a motorcycle wreck, just showing that the “defendant” you’re suing was involved in your accident in some way won’t be enough to convince an insurance company or judge to award you the money you need for your losses. You’ll need to have plenty of evidence to prove that your accident likely wouldn’t have happened at all if the defendant hadn’t acted recklessly or carelessly in a specific way—for instance, by breaking a traffic law or not paying attention to their surroundings while driving. This is one of many parts of the civil recovery process that our well-practiced Pennsauken motorcycle injury attorneys can handle.

Avoiding Roadblocks to Recovery

Our team can also play a key role in keeping your lawsuit or settlement proposal without running into any obstacles that New Jersey law might put in your way. For example, we can fight back against accusations that you were partly at fault for causing your injuries through your own negligent behavior, since that could otherwise lead to a court assigning you a share of “comparative fault” and reducing the amount of money you’re able to get from your claim.

Most importantly, your motorcycle accident lawyer in Pennsauken can get your claim constructed and filed within the time limit set by New Jersey law. With almost no exceptions, people who get hurt through the negligence of others in the Commonwealth have two years after sustaining an injury to start any lawsuit over the incident.

Get in Touch with a Pennsauken Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Even if you wear a helmet and follow every traffic law that applies to you, you can only do so much to avoid getting hurt due to the irresponsible actions of another driver around you. If you’ve been injured under circumstances like this, you likely have the legal right to sue the person responsible for your wreck and demand repayment for every form of harm it causes you now and later.

Working closely with a Pennsauken motorcycle accident lawyer at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers will give you a much better chance of getting a successful case outcome than you’ll ever have trying to sue on your own. Call us today to set up a free case review with one of our respected legal professionals.