Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in Norristown

From massive automobiles to tiny medical pills and every size of consumer goods in between, product recalls are common across every industry. Unfortunately, recall notices often come too late to prevent hundreds of innocent people from getting hurt by products they had no reason to think were dangerous—often because the companies that made those products waited until a lot of people got hurt to do the responsible thing and issue a recall.

Motorcycles are dangerous machines under the best of circumstances, and they can be outright deadly if you ride one without realizing it has a serious and dangerous flaw in it. When it comes to filing a civil suit over motorcycle defects and recalls in Norristown, the process of enforcing your legal rights might be more complicated than you’d expect, especially if you try to do it without a winning attorney on your side.

When Can You Sue Over a Motorcycle Defect?

The most important thing to understand about product liability law is that companies that make and sell products in the U.S. aren’t automatically liable for any injury someone suffers while using their product, even if the product itself is what caused the injury. What they are liable for is putting a product on the market that has one of three specific types of defects in it, meaning problems that are so serious that no reasonably diligent manufacturer should’ve let the product go out for sale.

Products can be defective in design, manufacturing, or marketing, which means a problem with how the product was drawn up at the planning stage that makes every unit dangerous in the same way, a problem with how the product was assembled or made that makes a specific unit or batch of units dangerous, or a problem with the instructions or warnings included with the product. A skilled attorney can help build a strong civil claim around any of these types of defects that lead to a motorcycle-related injury in Norristown.

How Recall Notices Might Affect Your Legal Options

A company issuing a recall notice for a defective product doesn’t automatically make them not liable for injuries caused by that defect. If you were hurt by a defect in your motorcycle before you were properly informed that a recall had been issued and that the manufacturer would fix the problem for free, you may have grounds for a claim built around that defect.

If you’ve been warned about a defect already but still get hurt by the defective part, your options for suing may be a lot more limited. Your Norristown lawyer can go over the possible paths forward for your motorcycle defects and recalls claim during a private initial meeting.

A Norristown Attorney Can Answer Questions About Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

Motorcycles are extremely complicated machines made up of thousands of interconnected parts, and a problem with any one of those parts can potentially lead to a wreck with devastating consequences. Holding someone else liable for that defect can also be complicated, even if it seems obvious to you that you’re not the one to blame for the harm you’ve sustained.

Taking effective legal action over motorcycle defects and recalls in Norristown is much easier with support from an experienced lawyer. Call Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today to learn more.