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Myth #7: The Insurance Adjuster Can Help You Better if You Record Your Statement

Truth: The only reason your insurance adjuster wants to speak with you or record your statement is so that he or she can use it against you later.

For instance, if shortly after your accident, your insurance adjuster asked you about your injuries. He or she is hoping that you will not tell him about everything that hurts. Being a professional, he may even cut you off so you don’t finish answering his question. That way, if you complain about knee pain later on, he will use your statement from after the accident to argue that you didn’t complain about your knee in your statement, so your knee injury is not from the accident.

There are certain times in a case when you will be required to provide information to an insurance company. If you provide information any other time, then you are giving that much more ammunition to the insurance company for them to use against you. Your insurance adjuster is not asking for information from you to help you. He is asking for this information to help him beat you. It’s that simple.

Ostroff Injury Law knows when an insurance company is entitled to information.

If it is time to speak with an insurance company, Jon Ostroff will make sure you are prepared and ready to do this. Jon will make sure that you understand how the information process works before you are in the middle of it. Your insurance adjuster has a team of lawyers guiding him. You need Ostroff Injury Law to guide you.

You need Ostroff Injury Law to guide you.

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