Lewisburg Electrocution Lawyer

As vital as it is to modern daily life, electricity is also extremely dangerous if it isn’t kept under control and used in safe ways with well-maintained equipment. Even brief exposure to a strong electrical current can cause serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. Figuring out who’s at fault for an accident like this can be a lot more complicated in practice than you might expect, even if you know exactly what circumstances led to you being electrocuted.

Fortunately, you have help from a Lewisburg electrocution lawyer with every stage of your legal proceedings. Our skilled premises liability attorneys know how devastating an incident like this can be to the injured person and everyone who loves them. Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers can work tenaciously on your behalf to get you paid fairly for your damages by the people truly responsible for causing them.

Causes and Effects of Electrocution Accidents

With relatively few exceptions, electrocution accidents are only possible if there is a mechanical flaw or malfunction in something that uses or transports electricity. Examples of electrical hazards that commonly lead to electrocution injuries include:

  • Frayed or broken wiring
  • Defective circuit breakers
  • Cracked or damaged wall sockets
  • Electrical currents traveling through liquid
  • Broken electrical poles or downed power lines
  • Broken or dangerously designed extension cords
  • Overloaded power strips

Exposure to a small amount of electricity may only result in temporary pain and some numbness in the parts of the body that come into contact with the current. More often, though, direct contact with electrical power sources in a residential or industrial environment will result in severe burns, muscle spasms, sensory problems, and loss of normal organ function. A Lewisburg attorney can make sure any medical bills associated with treating the effects of an electrocution accident are incorporated into a civil lawsuit or settlement demand.

Who Might Be Liable for an Electrocution Injury?

Most of the time, electrocution accidents fall under the purview of premises liability law, which is the subsection of personal injury law that specifically deals with dangerous conditions on property. Landowners who allow other people onto their land have a duty of care requiring them to keep their land in reasonably safe condition. Any landowner who allows a lawful visitor to be electrocuted because of poor property maintenance or management may be liable for that person’s losses.

The duty a specific property owner may have owed to you will change depending on why you were visiting their property to begin with. Property owners owe a greater duty to someone they’re benefitting financially from, such as a customer in a retail store or a tenant in an apartment building. It can be important to have help from an electrocution lawyer in Lewisburg to figure out whether you have grounds for a case and get the best possible result from your case.

Contact a Lewisburg Electrocution Attorney for Assistance

If you or a family member suffered serious injuries because of an electrocution accident, you have limited time to enforce your legal rights and start a claim for civil compensation. Your odds of getting a good result from a claim may be low if you try to file suit without professional legal guidance, especially if it’s not obvious who’s at fault for your accident.

Getting in touch with a Lewisburg electrocution lawyer should be your top priority in the wake of an accident like this. Call today to discuss your possible claim. You won’t owe us anything until we win the compensation you deserve.