Lewisburg Motorcycle Traffic Laws

For the most part, motorcycle riders in Pennsylvania are expected to follow all the same laws as other motor vehicle drivers while traveling on public roads. However, some exceptions are worth knowing about if you regularly ride in the Commonwealth, including some that have only been around for a short time—for example, the “Ride on Red” rule allows you to advance through a red light if it’s safe to do so and you’ve waited multiple cycles without it changing.

Most of the other traffic laws that apply specifically to people on motorcycles, or other powered two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicles are addressed in 75 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 3523. Our knowledgeable attorneys can give an overview of what that statute says with regard to Lewisburg motorcycle traffic laws.

Right to Use a Lane

Subsection (a) of 75 P.S.A. § 3523 states that all motorcyclists in Lewisburg are entitled to full use of a lane, which means you have the same right to ride within the boundaries of a traffic lane on a motorcycle as any commuter car driver has to do the same. Additionally, this section explicitly prohibits other motor vehicle drivers from crowding or tailgating motorcyclists in a way that deprives the motorcyclist of their right to full use of the lane.

Overtaking and Passing

As per state traffic laws, no person operating a motorcycle in Lewisburg is allowed to pass or overtake another vehicle—regardless of whether it’s a commuter car, commercial truck, or even another motorcycle—while within the same lane of traffic as the vehicle they’re passing. Just like anyone driving any other type of vehicle, you’ll need to move entirely into at least an adjacent traffic lane in order to legally pass someone else while riding.

Lane Splitting

In some states, motorcyclists are allowed to advance to the front of traffic jams or lines of cars stopped at stoplights by lane splitting—riding on the lines separating traffic lanes and passing other vehicles. In Pennsylvania, subsection (c) prohibits motorcycle operators from operating between lanes or vehicles. Motorcyclists are also prohibited from riding on or overtaking other vehicles while on the shoulder of a road outside legal traffic lanes.

Operating Abreast

One unique traffic law that applies only to motorcycle riders in Lewisburg is established in subsection (d) of 75 P.S.A. § 3523, which allows two motorcyclists to ride next to each other within the same lane of traffic, provided that both motorcyclists agree to do so together. However, this same section expressly prohibits motorcycles from riding three or more abreast like this, regardless of the presence of other traffic or the sizes of their motorcycles.

A Lewisburg Attorney Can Answer Questions About Motorcycle Traffic Laws

Even if you follow all the rules of the road that apply to you as a motorcyclist, you may unfortunately still be at risk of getting hurt in a crash caused by another driver’s reckless or careless misconduct. Any accusation that you failed to follow Lewisburg motorcycle traffic laws before the wreck might be held against you as comparative fault, which might lead to you being denied some or all the compensation you’d otherwise be owed for your damages.

When it comes to understanding Pennsylvania law as it applies to you and making the most of the protections the law affords you, there’s no substitute for guidance from a seasoned lawyer. Call today to discuss your possible claim in a free, no-obligation consultation.