Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in Lewisburg

In theory, the companies that make and sell products in the United States are supposed to make sure everything they produce is reasonably safe to use for its intended purposes. In practice, notices for defective and recalled products are common—and unfortunately, motorcycles are not exempt from this unfortunate and often dangerous pattern.

If you’ve been hurt because your motorcycle or some component within it was dangerously defective, you may be able to file suit against the manufacturer responsible and hold them financially accountable for your losses. As any experienced lawyer can tell you, civil claims built around motorcycle defects and recalls in Lewisburg are rarely simple or straightforward, and having the support of a seasoned legal professional will be crucial to getting a good result from your case.

Common Reasons for Motorcycle Recalls

The average motorcycle has dozens of distinct components made up of several interconnected parts, and any one of those parts—from the frame to the engine to the fuel tank to even the handlebars or seat—could potentially be defective if the bike’s maker isn’t careful and responsible with its manufacturing processes. When it comes to filing suit over a motorcycle defect injury in Lewisburg, a claim can be built around three specific defects:

  • A design defect, meaning the overall design of the bike is flawed in a way that makes every unit of the make and model dangerous in the same way
  • A manufacturing defect, meaning the bike wasn’t assembled properly and a particular unit—or batch of units—is defective and dangerous because of that error
  • A marketing defect, meaning the manufacturer failed to provide sufficient instructions to customers about how to use the bike safely and what hazards they should be aware of during normal use

Most recalls are based on either design or manufacturing defects, and lawsuits over marketing defects for motorcycles are not common but aren’t impossible.

Can You Sue Over a Defective Motorcycle After a Recall Has Been Issued?

Manufacturers sometimes voluntarily issue product recalls—rather than being forced to issue them by federal authorities—because they want to avoid being held liable for an injury caused by the defect. However, just because a recall has been issued for your motorcycle doesn’t mean you can’t sue over an injury you suffered in Lewisburg from the defect in question.

As part of the recall process, manufacturers have to notify everyone who purchased the product that the recall order has been issued, and they also have to offer to repair the defect at no additional charge to consumers. If you were hurt by a defective motorcycle and weren’t properly warned or told you could get the problem fixed for free, you might still have grounds for a claim.

Talk to a Lewisburg Attorney About Legal Options for Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

You should be able to trust the products you buy from American manufacturers will work as advertised and be safe to use. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer meets that basic standard, including the ones that make motorcycles and motorcycle accessories.

Taking legal action over motorcycle defects and recalls in Lewisburg will be easier and more successful with help from a winning lawyer. Call today to learn more during a free, no-obligation consultation.