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Lawsuit Loans ARE available during Coronavirus

You can borrow money against your lawsuit during the coronavirus.

If you have an injury case, it’s bad enough that you’re dealing with this lockdown during the coronavirus, and on top of that, you’re injured. And you’re probably already behind financially.

If you cannot make ends meet, if you can’t make rent or pay your bills, first try to work through it. Try to get your landlord to work with you. There’s some laws out there now protecting landlords from evicting people that can’t pay their rent during this time. A lot of companies are forgiving money that’s due.

If you can’t make ends meet, if the government assistance isn’t enough during this time, you can get what’s called a pre-settlement funding loan against your lawsuit. Your credit doesn’t matter. It’s just whether or not the loan company feels you’re likely enough to win your lawsuit, that they know they’ll get their money back. Because otherwise, you don’t pay them back.

Ask your lawyer about pre-settlement funding. Take care.

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