Hershey Defective Products Lawyer

Most of us use hundreds of products every day without even noticing. Although most of those products are safe, it only takes one defective product to cause a severe injury. Manufacturers and sellers must ensure that the products they sell are safe for people to use. When a product causes an accident to you or your child, the companies must pay the people injured by their negligence.

A Hershey defective products lawyer like Managing Partner Rich Godshall is prepared to stand up to manufacturers and big companies to defend your rights. With the help of the respected attorneys at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, you could receive payment for all the pain, suffering, inconveniences, and losses you experienced because of the defective product.

Types of Defective Product Cases

Anything that someone else made, distributed, and sold is a product that could cause an injury. Examples of commonly used products that cause injuries include the following:

  • Car and truck parts like tires, brakes, airbags, or steering mechanisms are responsible for many car and truck crashes that cause injuries and death
  • Personal care products like baby powder or talcum powder, which can cause mesothelioma and ovarian cancer
  • Kitchen appliances like home pressure cookers can explode and cause shrapnel injuries and severe burns
  • CPAP machines can cause cancer and respiratory injuries
  • Medical devices like artificial joints, implantable pacemakers and defibrillators, hernia mesh, and many others cause severe injury and death to patients who receive them
  • Clothing that catches fire or emits chemicals that cause skin or respiratory conditions
  • Construction materials like drywall that grows toxic mold or carpet that emits unhealthy vapors
  • Batteries that explode and cause injuries
  • Furniture that collapses or baby furniture that could trap, pinch, or suffocate a child
  • Asbestos products in old buildings, including roofing, flooring, ceiling tiles/“popcorn ceilings,” siding, drywall, insulation, and fireproofing can cause mesothelioma and other types of cancers and respiratory diseases.
  • Asbestos products in old vehicles (or newer foreign aftermarket products), including brakes, clutches, hood liners, gaskets, and heat shields can cause mesothelioma and other types of cancers and respiratory diseases

When an accident or injury occurs, you may not even realize that a defective product is to blame. Faulty products often have a role in fires, vehicle crashes, sports injuries, and other everyday events. A skilled Hershey attorney can investigate to see whether a malfunctioning product had a role in causing an accident. If so, the injured person could claim compensation from the manufacturer and seller.

Proving the Manufacturer is Liable

Once your Hershey lawyer determines that a defective product caused your accident, they will investigate why it malfunctioned. You could bring a lawsuit if the product were defective in one of the following ways.

Design Defect

The way the product was designed made it dangerous. You must prove that other designs could have resulted in a product that was just as useful and less dangerous.

Manufacturing Defect

A problem at the factory made the product defective. Usually, other product units are fine, but the specific item you used malfunctioned.

Labeling Defect

The instructions and warnings that came with the product were not clear enough to prevent you from getting injured, or the label was not included.

Manufacturer Negligence

If a manufacturer did not use reasonable care to ensure a product was safe for use, they were negligent. A manufacturer could be negligent if they:

  • Used poor quality ingredients to make the product
  • Failed to inspect a product before shipping
  • Knew a product could be hazardous if used in a certain way but did not include warnings
  • Lied or hid data to get approval to sell the product

Your product liability attorney must prove that the manufacturer’s negligence had a direct connection to the harm you suffered.

Pursuing Claims Against Product Manufacturers

When faced with a claim for monetary damages, many product manufacturers try to blame the user for their injuries. They might claim that you did not follow the instructions or present another excuse. They do this because 42 Pennsylvania Statutes §7102 allows a manufacturer to reduce the amount of money they owe if you are partially at fault.

A Hershey defective product attorney at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers will not let the manufacturer get away with this tactic. We will present evidence showing the manufacturer is to blame and ensure you get a reasonable payout.

Trust a Hershey Defective Products Lawyer with Your Claim

When a product doesn’t work as it should, and you get hurt, the manufacturer and seller are required to compensate you for your injuries. However, big companies are used to intimidating consumers and forcing them to accept less than they deserve.

That strategy doesn’t work when a Hershey defective products lawyer is defending you. At Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers, we aren’t afraid to take on the big companies and fight like hell for your rights. Founding Partner Jon Ostroff and Managing Partner Rich Godshall have helped hundreds of clients recover millions of dollars in “misleading marketing” cases involving pharmaceutical manufacturers who failed to disclose known risks. Call us today to get a dedicated advocate working for you.