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Pennsylvania Distracted Driving Accident: Hands Free Is Not The Same as Risk Free

The results of the first major study about the safety of voice activated texting while driving is in and the results are troubling. The study found that it is just as dangerous to use voice activated texting while driving as it is to use your hands to type a text message while driving. More specifically, reaction times are significantly slower and drivers look at the road less often when they are texting – regardless of how they are texting.

Yet, it is not against the law to use voice activated texting while driving in Pennsylvania and drivers may not realize that it is dangerous. If you have been hurt in a Pennsylvania accident and the other driver was using voice activated texting at the time of your crash then it could be relevant to your recovery. It could be evidence that the other driver was distracted. Even if the other driver had two hands on the wheel his or her eyes may have been off the road and his or her mind may have been off of driving safely.

For more information about your possible recovery from a Pennsylvania distracted driving accident please contact an experienced PA auto accident lawyer today for a FREE consultation.

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