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Exceptions to Limited Tort

Limited tort accidents are unlike other types of car accident cases in Pennsylvania. Not every attorney has experience with exceptions to limited tort or the applicable laws. In addition, not every attorney will fight for a fair and just limited tort settlement.

Also, insurance companies what you to believe that your limited tort insurance policy prevents you from recovering from pain and suffering damages and money. This is often misleading and wrong.

Six Exceptions to Limited Tort

In Pennsylvania, there are six limited tort exceptions. You may be able to recover full damages if you:

    1. Suffered injuries that resulted in serious impairments to a significant bodily function
    2. Were on a motorcycle when the crash happened
    3. Sustained injuries as a pedestrian
    4. Were a passenger on a bus, truck, taxi or other commercial vehicle when the crash happened

You may be able to recover full damages if the driver:

  1. Caused the accident and receives a drunk driving conviction
  2. Was operating a vehicle with a registration in another state

In many cases, we are able to help limited tort clients because we know how to uncover and prove limited tort exceptions. If you would like to learn more, auto accident attorney Jon Ostroff explains each in this video.

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