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5 Tips for Driving Safely in Pennsylvania Fog

Fog may not make the roads slippery, but it is still a weather hazard that can cause significant accident injuries. Accordingly, it is important for motorists to follow these tips for driving safely in Pennsylvania fog:

  • Slow down in the fog.
  • Keep your headlines on, but with low beams. High beams will reflect back against the low clouds and make driving more difficult. While low beams will not make it easier for you to see others, they will make it easier for other motorists to see you.
  • Follow the lines on the road. If you can’t see what’s in front of you then make sure to follow the lines painted on the road in order to make sure that you are staying on the road and on your side of the road.
  • Don’t follow other cars too closely.
  • Don’t drive if you can’t do so safely.

Finally, it is important to remember that negligence can cause serious accidents in the fog. If you have been involved in an accident please contact an experienced PA personal injury attorney today to find out more about your rights and possible recovery.

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