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Are Distracted Pedestrians a Problem?

Last year a man was talking on his cell phone on a Pennsylvania train platform when he walked too close to the edge and fell on to the tracks. The man was able to climb to safety before being killed by a train, but his near accident has brought the important issue of distracted pedestrians to national attention.

Distracted pedestrians do not receive the same attention as distracted drivers. However, pedestrians who are not paying attention to their surroundings may cause serious, or fatal, accidents. Accordingly, some cities and states are trying to enact ordinances, laws, and safety campaigns that discourage distractions.

Our accident and injury lawyers believe that distracted pedestrians can be a serious problem and encourage pedestrians, and motorists, to be aware of the danger and to take steps to prevent serious accident injuries regardless of the actions taken, or not taken, by the local and state governments.

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