Your PA Personal Injury Case: Should You Get a Second Opinion?

Your PA Personal Injury Case: Should You Get a Second Opinion?

You haven’t been able to work since the accident. You’re in constant pain, and the medical bills are piling up. Your insurance company has made an offer, but it isn’t enough to cover your bills. You want to sue, but your lawyer says to accept the offer because you don’t have a case. You’re wondering, “should I get a second opinion?”

Five Reasons to Consider a Second Opinion

  1. Your injury is impacting your ability to live a normal life. Tell your attorney about your concerns. He may have underestimated the severity of your injury. If your attorney continues to brush off your concerns, get a second opinion. There’s no cost or obligation.
  1. Your lawyer says that filing a limited tort case isn’t worth your time. Pennsylvania’s Limited Tort Option limits the rights of policy holders to sue for damages unless they have serious injuries, or one of several other exceptions apply. Because of these limits, many attorneys are unwilling to put in the time and effort needed to obtain a fair settlement. Get a second opinion from an attorney that is experienced with the limited tort law and is willing to sue and fight the insurance company on your behalf.
  1. Your attorney says it is too late to file a case. Although Pennsylvania has a two-year statute of limitations for accident cases, the two-year period does not necessarily begin on the date of your accident. If you have a serious injury and your attorney says there isn’t enough time to file a case, it is worth your time to get a second opinion. You should do this as soon as you possibly can as time may indeed be of the essence.
  1. Your case is moving too slowly. If you have a serious injury, you need your insurance settlement. It can take years to completely resolve a personal injury claim, but your attorney should keep you informed about your case’s progress. If you’ve been waiting several months for an update on your case, it may be time for a second opinion. If the value of you case supports a pre-settlement loan, there are numerous companies that will agree to loan you money against your settlement, in order to get you through this waiting period.
  1. You are uncomfortable with your attorney. Your lawyer may have been highly recommended. He or she may be known for handling tough cases and getting results. But, that doesn’t mean that your current attorney is right for you. You should feel comfortable with your lawyer. You should be able to trust him or her to properly handle your case. If you don’t feel that your attorney is worthy of this trust, you should get a second opinion.

Getting a Second Opinion is often a Great Idea

Talk to your current lawyer about your concerns. If you aren’t satisfied, seek a second opinion. It won’t cost you a dime.

Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers has helped thousands of Pennsylvanians get fair compensation for their injuries. Many of these clients had their cases turned down by other lawyers because they had limited tort or because the case couldn’t be filed within the statute of limitations. Other clients hired us because they lost faith in their current lawyer. We were able to get them the recovery they deserved.

If you’ve been offered a low settlement or your attorney says you don’t have a case, call us for a free second opinion. We’ll evaluate your case or tell you if your settlement offer is fair at no charge. If your attorney is not serving you well and we think we can do a better job, we’ll tell you that, too.