What Do Yellow Dots on Rear Windows Mean in Pennsylvania?

What Do Yellow Dots on Rear Windows Mean in Pennsylvania?

What are those yellow dots on rear windows?

You do everything that you can to avoid Pennsylvania car accidents. However, sometimes other drivers don’t do the same. Another driver may cause the very accident you were working so hard to avoid. What do you do then? How will you communicate important information to police and medical personnel if you are hurt and can’t speak?

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Has a New Program to Protect You

Recently, the PennDOT announced a new program known as the Yellow Dot program. Motorists who participate in the yellow dot program will fill out an emergency form that includes:

• An emergency contact (such a spouse, parent, or child);
• A medical contact (such as a primary care doctor); and
• Important medical information.

The motorist will then place it in a program folder and put the folder in the glove compartment. The motorist will also place a yellow dot sticker in the rear window alerting first-responders of the motorist’s participation in the program.

Our attorneys for personal injury victims hope that this new program provides better care to people who hurt in Pennsylvania car accidents.