Will My Case Be Like the One on TV?

Will My Case Be Like the One on TV?

Every day people are hurt in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and they are confused about what to do.  They’ve read the newspapers and they’ve watched TV shows, and they know that court cases can be stressful and dramatic.

Reality vs. Television

What many people don’t know is that the cases that you read and hear about are the sensational ones.  They are the exceptions – they are not the rule.  The vast majority of cases settle long before opening statements.  Those that do make it trial rarely see the media. They are not the basis for any TV drama.  More often they are quietly tried before a judge, and in even rarer cases a jury.

The reason that most cases settle is because once a personal injury lawyer is hired to represent a plaintiff, the defendant and the defendant’s insurance company know that the plaintiff’s rights are going to be protected. They know that the plaintiff is serious about recovery and the defendant wants to avoid the courtroom.

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Attorney Jon Ostroff has helped more than 25,000 accident victims over the past 25 years.  While he has helped the vast majority of his clients settle their claims, he has also tried some very successful cases.  Jon will talk to you, advise you of your rights and listen to your concerns and preferences. He will handle your case in a way in which you are comfortable and in a way that protects your right to a just recovery.  Call Jon today for a free consultation.