When Pennsylvania Parents Should Start Teaching Children to Drive

When Pennsylvania Parents Should Start Teaching Children to Drive

A driver’s education course is not the time to start teaching children to drive safely, according to a recent study by Toyota and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.

Teen drivers follow the example set by their parents

According to the study, your teen may not listen to a word that you say, but he is watching you and he has been for years. He has learned whether it is okay to use a cell phone and drive, text and drive, or engage in other possible distractions based on what he has seen you do behind the wheel.

Additionally, the study found that texting while driving remains common among teens despite public education campaigns against it and that motor vehicle crashes remain a leading cause of death for teens age 16-19.

You can help protect your child from the danger of car accident injuries by beginning your child’s driver’s education well before he reaches driving age.

Your good and safe driving habits have the benefit of protecting your child when your child is a passenger in your car and when your child is driving his own vehicle.

As attorneys for personal injury victims we hope that this information helps keep your family safe in 2013 and for many years to come.