What is the Real Problem on Route 33 in Monroe County?

What is the Real Problem on Route 33 in Monroe County?

According to a recent safety study conducted by the Pocono Record, at least one of the real problems is speed.  The newspaper found that about one half of the cars on Route 33 were speeding during the study.  The cars travelled fastest in the morning hours.

Route 33 is Deadly

The stretch of Route 33 that was studied saw three fatal accidents in the two week period between June 24 and July 5, 2010.  A tractor trailer driver has been charged with vehicular homicide in one of the accidents and accident reconstructionists are still determining the cause of the other two accidents.  Speed has not been ruled as a factor.

Official Response to String of Fatal Route 33 Accidents

In response to the string of fatal accidents, state police have increased patrols on this stretch of dangerous Pennsylvania roadway.  Additionally, PennDOT is looking into having this section of Route 33 designated a Highway Safety Corridor to encourage driving at the speed limit to encourage people to avoid the increased fines for speeding that come with that designation.