What You Need to Know While Traveling During a Pennsylvania Storm

What You Need to Know While Traveling During a Pennsylvania Storm

While the clean-up continues, the storm that was Hurricane Sandy is thankfully behind us. Now is the time for the state, for the local governments, for the utility companies, and for individuals to look at what happened and to think about how they can make changes for the next storm. Here are some tips to stay safe if you find yourself traveling during a Pennsylvania storm.

As personal injury attorneys in PA, we recommend that individuals comply with the government’s requests to avoid “unnecessary” or “non-essential” travel . However, in order to comply with such requests you need to know what those terms mean and the terms are not always well explained.

Accordingly, because it is inevitable that we will experience weather conditions that prevent “unnecessary” or “non-essential” travel again, we encourage you to know that you should stay off the roads in these situations unless:

  • You are a first responder such as a firefighter, police officer or medic.
  • You have a job that is essential in the storm such as working as part of a utility crew or working at a hospital.
  • You have a personal emergency. For example, if someone whom you are with suffers a heart attack or goes into labor and needs to get a hospital.

In most other cases, you should stay off the road until it is safe to drive again so that you can prevent serious accident injuries for yourself and for those who must be on the road with you.