Top 10 Insurance Company Lies

Top 10 Insurance Company Lies

Insurance Company LiesThere are many common insurance company lies and tactics you may hear if you suffer injuries in an auto accident.

Top 10 Lies

#10- “$1500 is a lot of money for your injuries!”

#9- “How come you were the only one that got hurt?”

#8- “With the minor damage to your car, you couldn’t have gotten these injuries from THIS accident!”

#7- “You had these problems before this accident, so they’re not from THIS accident.”
#6- “Fighting us will only cost you time and money.”

#5- “$2500 is really a lot of money, I’m helping you out here!!”

#4- “I’ve got hundreds of claims, I’ll get to yours when I can.”

#3- “You have limited tort and your injuries aren’t serious.”

#2- $3000 is more than you’ll ever see from this. It’s my final offer. I’m gonna get in trouble for paying you this much.”

And the best of all, Lie #1, “You Don’t Need a Lawyer.”

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