The Police Aren’t Always Right

The Police Aren’t Always Right

In upstate Pennsylvania sits the small town of Towanda. It’s just another of our many beautiful, small towns in Pennsylvania. As in most small towns, the police force is small, overworked, and under-trained.

Under-Trained Police

The PoliceAs a result, police investigating catastrophic accidents in Pennsylvania are often wrong! Plain and simple. When there is a serious accident with serious injuries or death, victims often have no recall of what happened. Worse, the police question only the less-injured party, and rely on their one-sided version.

A couple of years ago I faced this when my client “Susan” (name changed) ran into the side of a truck at night and suffered a severe brain injury and the loss of her eye. The police originally reported that she had been speeding. It took a lot of site investigation and witness investigation (and the need to close down the rural highway where this occurred for the entire night while my experts re-created the car accident), to prove the cops wrong. But we succeeded. In doing so, we obtained an award of $5.7 million on Susan’s behalf. This was the highest known award in the county where this occurred.

Just recently, another bad police investigation occurred in Towanda when my 16-year-old client, Christine, was victimized first by the driver and next by the police. My client was a pedestrian who was run down by an elderly motorist. The cop never took the time to learn of the elderly driver’s problems. It was my investigation that flushed out that this elderly driver had failing health and double vision.

The cop also never spoke with three independent witnesses who felt the elderly driver was responsible for this accident. I found them, I spoke with them, and they played a major role in why we succeeded in this case as well. The police officer admitted that he should have found and spoken with the same witnesses I found, that he should have measured the things I said he should have measured, and he ultimately acknowledged that his report and investigation were incomplete. The cop solely relied on the elderly driver and an unreliable witness, because my client didn’t recall anything, and an emergency life flight took her away from the scene.

Personal Injury Lawyer Who Gets Results

As a result, once again, we were able to obtain a very substantial recovery for Christine, even after the police officer found her to be at fault. Perhaps more impressive, we obtained the first part of her six-figure recovery within only nine months of this accident!

But we didn’t stop there. We pursued additional insurance for this client and succeeded again, recovering even more compensation for her. Interestingly, Christine’s parents originally called me after calling other law firms who turned down their daughter’s case because the police report placed fault on Christine.

The lesson here: If the insurance company decided that you were at fault in an accident, don’t stop there. Give me a call and let me dig in and figure out what really happened. Susan and Christine were glad they gave me a chance to dig deeper.

Given the opportunity, I may surprise you or someone you know as well. Give me a call and a chance, and let me see what I can find.

The cost for me to figure out what really happened will be on me if I don’t recover money for you!