Hotline for Victims of PA Turnpike Crash on Jan. 5, 2020 Near Pittsburgh PA

Hotline for Victims of PA Turnpike Crash on Jan. 5, 2020 Near Pittsburgh PA

Ostroff Injury Law is offering a free 24/7 hotline at (484) 351-0350 for those who suffered injuries or lost loved ones in the PA Turnpike crash on January 5, 2020. Our accident lawyers are on standby to share important legal information with victims. The call is free and with no obligation. In addition, if you witnessed this crash or the crash scene, please contact our firm. Your information may also be critical to our clients.

Tragic Bus/Truck Crash Kills Five, Injures 60

The PA Turnpike crash involved a bus, two tractor-trailers, and a passenger car. The Z & D Tour Inc. bus operator failed to negotiate a highway curve while en route from New York City to Cincinnati at night. He then drove up an embankment and rolled over before two tractor-trailers struck the bus.

Jon Ostroff, founding firm partner and lead counsel on numerous bus and truck crash cases, indicates that fatigue likely had a role in yesterday’s crash. “Having reviewed the preliminary information about the incident,” Jon said, I believe that the now deceased bus driver was driving tired.”

If you or a family member was involved in the PA Turnpike crash on January 5, 2020, we can help. Call (484) 351-0350 for a free, no-obligation discussion about your legal rights. In addition, if you witnessed this crash or the crash scene, please contact our firm. Your information may also be critical to our clients.

PA Turnpike Crash Similar to Past Bus Crashes Involving Driver Fatigue

Ostroff Injury Law successfully represented 24 clients from seven different countries who were involved in a previous Pennsylvania bus/truck crash that occurred on I-80. The case involved a bus driver who claimed she had a sudden medical emergency. CNN featured this crash and lawsuit, which led to a seven-week trial in Philadelphia County. Ostroff Injury Law proved the driver had fallen asleep because her employer, Greyhound Bus Company, failed to properly manage driver fatigue.

The 2013 crash is similar to the January 5, 2020 Pennsylvania Turnpike crash in numerous ways, including:

  • Long routes between New York and Ohio.
  • Nighttime operation.
  • Crashes in the middle of the night.
  • Highway crashes that occurred well into the route, after many hours of driving on dark, rural PA highways.
  • Explosive, high-speed collisions that involved a driver who failed to appropriately react to clearly visible objects.

In 2009, another crash occurred on the Pennsylvania Turnpike when a bus driver fell asleep, lost control, and rolled the bus. Several of Ostroff’s clients suffered substantial injuries in this crash. “The facts in this case were also remarkably similar to yesterday’s crash,” Ostroff said. “A tired bus driver failed to negotiate a bend in the highway, and he struck the concrete divider separating the east-west lanes. He went straight at this curve, because he was too tired to react to it. His bus also rolled over at highway speed and seriously injured my clients.”

Free, No-Obligation Legal Info for Crash Victims

Call our free hotline today at (484) 351-0350 if you or a family member was part of this crash. We have spoken to a few people involved and have gathered important information for victims and their families. Our attorneys can answer your questions and explain your legal rights. There is no obligation when you call.

It’s important to avoid talking to any representatives from bus or trucking companies or insurers before speaking with us. Calling this hotline first will allow us to explain what’s at stake and how to protect yourself.

The attorneys at Ostroff Injury Law have 100+ years of combined experience with personal injury and wrongful death claims. Jon has spent years advocating for the bus industry to establish and enforce better rules related to driver fatigue. He has been representing victims of bus and truck crashes for 30 years. As a leading attorney and thought leader on the subject, Jon has discussed with various news outlets the dangers of transportation companies’ failure to establish and enforce rules to prevent fatigue-related crashes.

If you were a driver or passenger in the recent crash, we can help. Call Ostroff Injury Law to schedule a free consultation at one of our locations. If you cannot come to our office, we can meet at your home or another location at a time that works for you.