Ostroff Injury Law Represents Victims of 50 Vehicle Crash in Western PA

Ostroff Injury Law Represents Victims of 50 Vehicle Crash in Western PA

The morning of February 10, 2010 brought tragedy to the Pittsburgh area.  50 motor vehicles were involved in a deadly crash on Interstate 80 in Clearfield County.  More than 18 people were injured in the crash and at least one person died.

The accident started when a tractor trailer jackknifed on the highway.  Vehicles coming down the highway were unable to stop.  30 tractor trailer trucks and 20 passenger cars ended up involved in the crash.

The injured crash victims were taken to Clearfield Hospital which activated its mass casualty plan to prepare for the large number of injured victims.

If You Were Hurt in the Route 80 Accident Call Attorney Jon Ostroff For Help

Jon is already representing victims of this accident.  He is already familiar with details of the accident and is committed to helping individual accident victims recover the damages to which they are entitled.

Jon Ostroff is a PA car accident lawyer with 25 years of legal experience representing and reviewing clients’ interests in 25,000 cases.  Few lawyers in the United States have Jon Ostroff’s experience and few care about their clients in the same way that Jon does.

If you were hurt in the February 10 Route 80 car accident then you need a Pittsburg injury lawyer who will zealously represent your right to recover damages.

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