Ostroff Injury Law Announces Ownership Transition and New Name

Ostroff Injury Law Announces Ownership Transition and New Name

Rich Godshall takes over ownership of the Firm with a rebranding to Ostroff | Godshall – Injury and Accident Lawyers.

Richard Godshall

Rich Godshall, New Owner of Ostroff Injury Law

Blue Bell, PA | Date – Ostroff Injury Law has announced a transfer of ownership from Jon Ostroff to Rich Godshall effective at the start of this year.  Godshall, who has been the managing partner of the firm since 2019, agreed to a five-year buyout of his former partner with ownership transferring immediately.  The transition includes rebranding the firm to Ostroff | Godshall – Injury and Accident Lawyers.

“Rich has largely been the backbone of the firm since he started with me in 2014,” Ostroff said.  “He deserves this opportunity and will no doubt continue to grow the firm in the coming years.  I trust no one more when it comes to leading people and handling high-stakes personal injury litigation.”

The firm has been in business for more than twenty years, gaining notoriety a decade ago when it represented dozens of individuals injured in a Greyhound bus crash.  The firm has grown from a solo practitioner practice with a few staff members to its present size of 9 lawyers and 40 total employees with an inventory of over 750 personal injury cases.

“Jon has built a legacy with this firm that I look forward to continuing,”  Godshall said.  “I met Jon after working as a defense lawyer for 10-plus years.  I wanted desperately to have a chance to work for people that were injured, not against them.  I wanted a place where I could be my own boss and be permitted to personally handle high-value cases.  Jon gave me that opportunity with him quickly becoming more of a mentor to me, as opposed to boss and eventual partner.” 

Godshall plans to lead the firm aggressively, and has set up Core Values that should set the tone for the firm’s future: 

  1.     Our Business is Litigating Personal Injury Cases: We Do Nothing Else.
  2.     We Never Stop Fighting.
  3.     A Loss Affects Us More Than Our Biggest Win. We MUST learn from both.    

“Competition for personal injury cases is high. especially with the growing presence of social media.  Firms need to be able to separate from the competition,”  Godshall says.  “What separates us is our local presence, experience, and motivation.  We have 8 offices spread across the State.  There is not a county in the State where we have not litigated a case.  Our lawyers, led by me, try cases.  We do not let insurance companies set the narrative for the case.  Finally, it is not the thrill of winning that drives us, but the fear of letting down our clients.  I get very little satisfaction after a win.  A loss stays with me much longer.”