New Health and Safety Study Released About Pennsylvania Fracking

New Health and Safety Study Released About Pennsylvania Fracking

Warren-Center3More than 70 adults from Bradford County, Pennsylvania recently participated in an important fracking study. Researchers presented the study at the American Occupational Health Conference in Orlando. They found that people who live near fracking sites are concerned that their health problems are related to fracking.

Pennsylvania Fracking Concerns

Specifically, the study asked 29 questions of the 72 adults who had all visited their primary care doctors with concerns about their health. Nearly one quarter of the adults believe that fracking is a cause of their current health concerns or could be a cause of future health problems.

According to the principal investigator in this study, “What is significant about this study is that the prevalence of impressions about medical symptoms attributed to natural gas operations had not been previously solicited in Pennsylvania. This survey indicates that there is a larger group of people with health concerns than originally assumed…” The most common health problems included sinus problems, sleeping problems, and gastrointestinal problems.

We hope that this pilot study will lead to further studies into Pennsylvania fracking. If you believe that fracking caused your health problems, do not need to wait for more studies. Instead, we encourage you to contact a Pennsylvania fracking lawyer today to discuss your legal options.