Major Roads in Pennsylvania

Major Roads in Pennsylvania

The expansive size of Pennsylvania means many major roads and highways run through the state. Unfortunately, some of interstates and highways are more dangerous than others due to infrastructure issues, sharp curves, and other factors. Below is a breakdown of some of these dangerous areas for motorists.

Interstate 70 

Runs east-west across southwest Pennsylvania

Hazards in some areas:

  • Sharp curves
  • Limited sight distance
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Lack of merge lanes at interchanges

Interstate 79

Primary route through western Pennsylvania

Hazards in some areas:

  • Rugged terrain
  • Flat roads

Interstate 80

Longest east-west route crossing Pennsylvania

Rated the worst road on the Pennsylvania Interstate Highway System

Hazards in some areas:

  • Potholes
  • Crumbling roads
  • Overcrowded

“Our interstate system requires constant renewal and maintenance at enormous cost to our taxpayers,” according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. “Interstate 80 probably will never be a favorite drive for truckers.”

Interstate 83 

Runs north-south through Pennsylvania

Hazards in some areas:

  • Difficult interchange with I-283 and US 322 in which I-83 exits from itself, with each direction of traffic following a one-lane ramp.

Hazardous road conditions can lead to serious vehicle accidents. When tractor trailers are involved in a highway crash, the consequences often involve more vehicles and injuries due to the vehicle’s sheer size.

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