Love to Langa Non-Profit

Love to Langa Non-Profit

Jon and Amy Ostroff were first introduced to South Africa on an African safari trip they had bid on and won at a fundraiser. On this trip, they toured the poorer parts of Johannesburg, called townships, where they met a woman caring for more than 30 orphans in a small, three-bedroom house. They also learned the strength of the US dollar in South Africa and were struck by the impact their resources could have within the country.

This inspired the couple to start a nonprofit, Love to Langa, in 2010. Love to Langa focuses on early childhood education and is currently raising money for a Montessori preschool to be built in South Africa. In South Africa, there is no free education for preschool-aged children, a crucial stage of child development and learning. Love to Langa aims to bring quality education to an underserved community.

Donations for Love to Langa

The Ostroffs have collected generous donations for Love to Langa at local events across the US. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Love to Langa allows organizations to make tax-deductible donations. Schools and faith organizations globally have shown wonderful generosity to the cause.

Love to Langa still needs $300,000 to stay on track for the construction of the Montessori preschool, which was slowed due to COVID. Major donors are invited to the opening of the Montessori school next fall to witness the work made possible by their contributions and to see the beautiful area of Cape Town. At the temporary micro-school set up by Love to Langa, the three-year-old children are already making great progress with their reading abilities.

Get Involved Today!

Even a donation of $50 a month will provide students with the educational support they need through scholarships. You can also support our students in Cape Town by spreading the word and following Love to Langa on social media. Get in touch at [email protected] and learn more about the cause at