Is Your Teen a Pennsylvania Driver?

Is Your Teen a Pennsylvania Driver?

There is that moment of simultaneous parental pride and panic that comes when your child first backs out of the driveway and on to the street without you in the car. It is one of the many milestones that marks the child’s transition to adulthood.

Yet, your child is not yet an adult (despite what he thinks) and you are still responsible for his protection. While you can’t always be with your child when a car crash occurs, you can provide your child with the tools that he will need if he finds himself in a Pennsylvania auto accident.

Specifically, you can leave a checklist of what to do in the glove compartment and tell him that it is there should he ever need it. The checklist may include things such as:

• Check on everyone’s physical condition.
• Call 911.
• Call your parents.
• Have any passengers in the car call their parents.
• Accept medical help.
• Do not move your car until the police tell you to do so.
• Cooperate with the police.
• Do not say anything about the cause of the accident to the other driver(s).

Accident scenes are chaotic for adults. They can be traumatizing for teens. If your child has been hurt in a car crash and needs help then we encourage you to contact an experienced PA auto accident lawyer today for more information about his rights and possible recovery.