Is it Dangerous to Drive When You Don’t Feel Well?

Is it Dangerous to Drive When You Don’t Feel Well?

According to a British insurance company, it could be more dangerous than you think. The British insurance company Young Marmalade recently released the results of a study that found driving with a bad cold or the flu is like driving after taking four shots of whiskey.

The Results of the Study

The study used black boxes in cars to measure drivers’ actions and found that drivers with bad colds and flus:

  • Had slower reaction times.
  • Hit the brakes more suddenly.
  • Were less aware of surrounding traffic.

The drivers studied did not take cold or flu medication before driving. Those medications are known to have a potential impact on driving abilities.

What You Should Do

As the winter cold and flu season continues, it is important to avoid driving if you feel that you are unable to do so safely and to contact an experienced reading personal injury attorney if you have been hurt in a crash.