How Ostroff Injury Law is Supporting Ukraine

How Ostroff Injury Law is Supporting Ukraine

Jon Ostroff and a Ukrainian family on their journey across the border

Law firms all over the state are showing their support for Ukraine by giving money to those in need. Ostroff Injury Law is dedicated to helping displaced families by providing legal services and collecting supplies to donate.

In addition, and more telling of the Firm’s values, Founding Partner Jon Ostroff has recently flown to Poland to personally assist Ukrainian families on the Poland/Ukraine border.  For the last two weeks, Mr. Ostroff has been on the border helping families get out of Ukraine safely. He is working to provide clothing, shelter, and food.  He is also assisting Alight, an international humanitarian group, in setting up shelters for refugees crossing the border from Ukraine to Poland.

Seeing the Full Picture of the Ukraine Crisis

Although many Americans are aware that Russia invaded Ukraine, not many understand the severity of this crisis. When interviewed for an article in the Legal Intelligencer, Jon Ostroff said, “There are major problems beyond what we’re seeing in the news.” He has seen first-hand what families are going through to seek shelter.

Ostroff continued, “Families are waiting 15 hours after traveling days without food and water. Just sitting at the border unable to get out.” He encourages everyone to donate what they can and bring more awareness to what the news is not sharing.

Ukrainian family loading into a van to cross the border

Donate To Ukrainian Fund

Ostroff Injury Law is urging everyone to show their support for Ukraine by donating. You can place an online donation on Alight’s website. The funds will be put directly toward the effort to help displaced Ukrainians. If you have any questions about how our firm is contributing to this cause, please contact us today.