Getting the Most for Your Accident Settlement

Getting the Most for Your Accident Settlement

We have talked in detail about avoiding insurance company tactics, which is one of the largest obstacles and mistakes made in Pennsylvania accident claims.

Now, we’d like to focus for a while on tips which have helped our clients get the maximum amount for their accident settlement or slip and fall claim. Jon Ostroff has handled, settled or reviewed over 25,000 injury claims in the past 25 years. With this amount of experience, Jon is very familiar with the games insurers play!

Jon’s Advice to You

  • Seek medical care for your injuries and to follow your doctor’s orders. By getting the medical care you need, your giving your body its best chance to heal sooner. You are also helping your case by creating a record through your doctor of your injuries. Your doctor should make notes of all of your complaints, so be sure to be clear about everything that feels different to you then it did before your accident. This way, the insurance company can’t question which injuries still hurt you at different points in time. The value of your pain and suffering claim depends on the length of time your injuries will cause you pain. Your doctor’s notes are the best way to prove this in your case.
  • Refuse to provide a verbal statement to insurance companies.  Insurance companies do not need a verbal statement to settle an accident claim or a slip and fall claim.  In fact, they will often use your verbal statements against you later.  We advise clients to avoid all communication with the insurance company and to let us handle this for them. This is one of the many ways that we will protect you.
  • Have your lawyer handle all communications, documentation requests and settlement offers from the insurance company. Jon Ostroff knows what documentation your insurance company needs to in order to evaluate the value of your case. This should be all you provide. Less is more! Jon’s experience has taught him to give insurers only what they are entitled to and nothing more!
  • Understand the law. Know what damages you are entitled to recover.  In addition, if you have any questions about your potential recovery, consult Jon Ostroff. You can rely on his experience as an accident attorney.
  • Take time responding to settlement offers.  Jon recommends that you do not respond to settlement offers right away or appear particularly eager to settle. This could decrease our ability to effectively negotiate for you. Instead, think about any proposed settlements for a few days. Know that Jon will spend as much time as you need making sure you understand all that you need to consider. As Jon will tell you, the final decision is always yours. Jon’s goal is to make sure you understand all you need to think about.

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