Bus Crash Lawyer Jon Ostroff Hired by Family of Woman Killed in I-80 Greyhound Bus Crash

Bus Crash Lawyer Jon Ostroff Hired by Family of Woman Killed in I-80 Greyhound Bus Crash

If you were a witness of someone killed in an I-80 Greyhound bus crash, please call us right away. Any passengers who met, or spoke with, Son Thi Thanh Hoang, at any time before, during or after this crash, or who witnessed this crash or saw Ms. Hoang’s ejection from the Greyhound Bus, are urged to contact Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers on the firm’s toll-free PA I-80 Greyhound Bus Crash Hotline at (888) 653-3636.

As reported on October 9, 2013, on, a Greyhound bus crashed into the rear of a tractor-trailer at about 1:30 am. Over 40 passengers were injured, some seriously. This fatal crash also led to the tragic death of Son Thi Thanh Hoang.

Son Thi Thanh Hoang

Bus crash lawyer Jon Ostroff, Managing Partner and Trial Counsel for Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers said, “Ms. Hoang’s family is devastated by their loss. She was only 37 years old and was a very special woman. She lived with, supported and took care of her elderly parents. She was deeply committed to her large family, her Temple and her rural community near Da Nang, Vietnam.

Ostroff continued, “Ms. Hoang was fluent in English and was well educated. She obtained an MBA in Management from a university in Australia. She regularly taught English to teenage children in her community, so that they could enter exchange programs with schools here in the US.”

Ms Hoang was still in Vietnam when she purchased her Greyhound bus ticket in January, many months before she arrived here. She spent years working hard and saving for her ‘dream trip to America.’ She started her trip here by spending a week with her family who reside in California, than she flew east. This was her first visit to the US and she traveled here to pursue her two life-long dreams.

Her first dream involved a joint effort between Ms. Hoang and the university she attended in Australia. According to her brother, she was making great strides to launch an exchange program in Philadelphia. Her vision was to enable the children in her poor, rural community, to get a quality education. She also came here intending to promote students from Philadelphia to travel to and study in some of the communities in Vietnam. She did this at her own expense.

The second part of her dream was to see the US, given her fluency, her passion for English and her beloved family and friends here. She planned on spending nearly three months traveling across our country. When she was killed in this Greyhound Bus crash on October 9, she was intending to rely on Greyhound to transport her from east to west, across the country. She planned to stop at many of our nation’s great landmarks. In addition to her family in the US, she was excited to visit with friends and colleagues who she communicated with, but never had a chance to meet in person.

Ostroff explained, “We represent multiple passengers who were on this Greyhound bus. We filed our first lawsuit related to this PA Greyhound bus crash on October 18, which was within ten days of it occurring. We did this so we could immediately begin our investigation into what caused the driver to slam this Greyhound bus full of passengers into the rear of a tractor-trailer on I-80 near Williamsport, PA. It is obvious, given the number of injuries and the death of Ms. Hoang, that this crash involved tremendous, in fact, fatal force. To this end, Ms Hoang’s death certificate indicates that she was ejected from this bus.“[/pmc_quote]

This is the fourth time this year that a Greyhound bus traveling in the US has been involved in a serious highway crash, where many passengers were injured. In three of these Greyhound bus crashes, the bus slammed into the rear of a large truck on a major interstate. The other Greyhound bus crash this year occurred on September 14, 2013, less than a month before this I-80 crash. This Cincinnati crash on I-94 occurred after the Greyhound bus driver “passed out” and veered off the highway with enough speed that the bus actually rolled over before landing in a cornfield well off the highway.

We have sued Greyhound on behalf of passengers in past cases and alleged that driver fatigue was the cause of the crash. We have already alleged that driver fatigue was a cause in the lawsuit filed in the Williamsport Greyhound crash. We will get to the bottom of why this Greyhound bus driver slammed into the rear of a large truck with enough force that my client was ejected and killed.

While our investigation has already begun, we would deeply appreciate hearing from any passengers who were on this bus. Also, if anyone saw this crash from their vehicle, or observed the bus on the highway in the minutes before it crashed, please call our toll-free Hotline at (888) 653-3636 as soon as possible. Your help would be greatly appreciated by our injured clients and the family of Ms. Hoang.