7 Symptoms of Possible Fracking Related Illness

7 Symptoms of Possible Fracking Related Illness

Are people at risk for fracking related illness? Many of those in the fracking, or natural gas drilling industry, would have you believe that there are no serious health risks associated with the process. However, those who live and work near fracking sites are beginning to report common symptoms.

Reported Symptoms

• Trouble breathing.
• Nausea.
• Headaches.
• Rashes.
• Wheezing.
• Aches and pains.
• Throat pain.
• Other symptoms.

Often, it takes a variety of experts to figure out what a patient has been exposed to and needs for recovery. Experts may include physicians, toxicologists, and environmental scientists.

Get Legal Help

If you are sick, then a fracking injury lawyer may also be an important part of your recovery team. Your lawyer may help investigate what is making you sick and fight for the resources to make you better. Please contact us today if you would like more information.