3 Back to School Transportation Safety Tips for Drivers

3 Back to School Transportation Safety Tips for Drivers

children at play signIt is that time of year again. Within the next few weeks, students will be returning to their classrooms, but first they have to get there. It is important to be aware of certain safety risks.

Safety Risks You Should Know About

• School buses. School bus drivers have difficult jobs. As they learn new routes and monitor the behavior of students on the bus, they must also drive safely. It is important to help bus drivers by giving them plenty of room and exercising extra caution.
• Teen drivers. Some high school students drive to and from school. Some of these teen drivers may be distracted. It is, therefore, important to be extra vigilant in your defensive driving.
• Walkers and Bikers. Some children walk or ride their bikes to school. These kids may not be careful crossing streets or may not stay on sidewalks. It is important to slow down and be cautious when you see children walking or riding their bikes.

Best Wishes for the Upcoming School Year

Our injury accident attorneys hope that tragedies can be avoided as students, parents, and commuters readjust to the school year schedule and we extend our best wishes for a happy and successful school year to students.