Distracted Driving Truck Accidents in Allentown

The average long-haul trucker travels hundreds of miles every working week. Although it can be difficult to stay focused while spending that much time on the road, truckers are responsible for remaining alert behind the wheel. When truckers let themselves get distracted, serious and potentially life-changing accidents can occur.

Distracted driving truck accidents in Allentown can be hard to recover from physically, emotionally, and financially. You deserve support from a dedicated attorney who can get you the compensation you need to recover from your losses. Rich Godshall at Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers has years of experience representing injured people like you. In one case, our firm recovered $10 million for a client who suffered catastrophic injuries when his vehicle was crushed in the rear by a tractor-trailer on a Pennsylvania Interstate highway. We’re ready to fight for you and your rights.

Is Distracted Truck Driving Against the Law?

One of the most common ways drivers get distracted behind the wheel is by texting. Both federal and state laws prohibit commercial truck drivers from reading, writing, or sending text-based electronic messages while driving. Breaking this law is a “breach” of the duty all drivers have to act responsibly and safely behind the wheel. Anyone who causes a wreck through such a “breach” can be considered legally negligent and held liable for any harm they caused through their misconduct.

However, a truck driver can become distracted in many ways that aren’t specifically illegal. Your Allentown attorney doesn’t necessarily have to prove that a trucker broke the law to hold them accountable for causing a distracted driving truck crash. So long as you and your lawyer can prove that the trucker’s distraction was the main cause of your accident and injuries, you can generally proceed with a civil claim for compensation.

Compensation from a Distracted Truck Driver

If your Allentown attorney can prove that a distracted truck driver was to blame for your accident, you can demand money through a lawsuit or settlement demand for every past and future loss stemming from your injuries. These losses could include the following:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Loss of life’s pleasures
  • Emotional anguish and psychological trauma
  • Lost work wages or working ability
  • Personal property damage, including car repair or replacement costs
  • All medical expenses, including expected costs of future care

In many situations, your lawyer can also demand compensation from the trucker’s employer. Companies in Pennsylvania can often be held “vicariously liable” for the negligence of their employees. The experienced lawyers at our firm can explain your legal options after a distracted driving truck wreck in Allentown during a free, no-obligation consultation.

Consult an Allentown Attorney About a Distracted Driving Truck Accident Claim

Distracted drivers are one of the leading causes of traffic accidents in Pennsylvania. The repercussions can be devastating when these collisions involve massive tractor-trailers or semi-trucks. You deserve significant compensation from the distracted trucker for every loss their carelessness has caused and will cause you in the future.

Help from a winning truck accident lawyer can make all the difference in your ability to recover payments after a distracted driving truck accident in Allentown. Learn more by calling Ostroff Godshall Injury and Accident Lawyers today.